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Pro Dive Cairns

Living on a boat on the Great Barrier Reef is a unique experience that doesn't resemble anything else.

The day before departure, you visit the company's dive shop to try out and test equipment you will be diving with. On the day of departure you are picked up at your hotel by Pro Dive who take you to the marina, you return to the mainland after 3-7 days later depending on which package you have chosen

The accommodation is aboard a boat where you sleep two up in bunk beds under deck in a cabin of some 5 sqm with shared toilet/bathroom.


  • You will be diving 3-4 times a day at the most beautiful reefs in the world

  • Night dives is possible

  • Meals after every dive

  • Photo equipment is available for hire


  • You will be sleeping in a cabin of 5 sqm


  • If you start drinking alcohol, you automatically end all of the dives of the day, whether it's your first or last.

  • It's good to take your dive certificate here, but I would recommend you to be done when going on this trip. Don't waste it on exercises and theory when you can experience the Great Barrier Reef instead.

  • Keep in mind that you shouldn't fly the night before or the day after a dive, wait a day extra.


This experience is something I will treasure forever, and if you like diving, this is the trip for you. The friendly staff, the dives and the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere is incredible. Sleeping in a bunk bed will not be a problem as you will fall asleep like a baby every night after several long dives during the day.

4/5 does not feel too much, and I will definitely do this again.

If you are lucky, you will meet the fish Wally on the reef, and if you do, say hi to him from me.

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