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Bomans Hotel

After about an hour and 20 minutes drive south from Stockholm, you’ll find a small suburb called Trosa. This is a small town where most of the Swedes come by boat during their summer vacations.

Like most of the Swedes that has a summer house close by, I come here for a long lunch during the summer to enjoy its fantastic food and beautiful scenery.
Like all villages, some have its go-to places, and in Trosa, it’s always been the restaurant “Fina Fisken”, but ever since I visited Bomans Hotel, I think that there is a new sheriff in Town.

Where do I even begin?
Boman's hotel is located in the middle of the small village and by the looks of it from outside, it might not look as unique as I'm describing it but wait until you see what’s hidden inside….

All guest rooms have its significant touch and the owners, have themselves to thank for it. Every room have been decorated with its own personal and signature details with the thought of “More is More and less is bore”. Never before have I visited a hotel where you are invited to borrow interior details or something to wear for your dinner. How about a pair of the classic lacquered Christian Louboutin shoes, or perhaps a Hermès shawl to go around your neck and an exclusive hat when you go out for dinner? The list goes on…

I stayed in the “Glimmer Twin” suite which is one of the hotels three grand suites that entailed a bed that is held up by chains, leopard patterned furnishings, a large bathtub in the middle of the room and a wood burning stove to get nice and cosy in the 70 sqm. This room was designed and decorated as a tribute to Keith Richards.

Even the food held a high class, and I will most likely revisit this hotel.


  • The suites had Egyptian wool linens

  • Incredibly high bed standard

  • The Bomans Badstuga relaxation area features a sauna and outdoor hot tub

  • Interior details



  • Visit the hotel during the winter and enjoy a high quality Swedish Christmas smorgasbord.


Accommodations that surprisingly exceeds my expectations is something that I highly value. This hotel holds a high international standard I really want more people to get the same experience as I did. My rate based on my experience is a 4/5.

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