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Clarion Sign

In the part of Stockholm called Norra bantorget you will find Clarion Sign, an accommodation mostly famous for the spa on the rooftop with an outdoor pool.


What attracted me to choose Clarion Sign was the spa, and I stayed at the hotel with a couple of friends during a party weekend in Stockholm.


The hotel offers clean rooms, an OK fitness centre and a really great place to eat, called American Table, highly recommended brunch there.


  • Great breakfast

  • The restaurant serves great food and cocktails


  • Big and impersonal


  • Hotel guests get better rates at Selma City SPA

  • Even if you are staying at the hotel, you need to book a room at the spa if you are more than three. The spa gets overcrowded during weekends

  • Small DJ equipment in every elevator, play around :)


I don't think the hotel would have attracted many guests if it weren't for the spa. Clarion Sign doesn't live up to its full potential, a better bar and a better planned patio would have improved the overall felling.
A hotel that doesn't distinguish itself  3/5.

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