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Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya

When you arrive at the Hilton Leningraskaya you will see a giant building reminiscent of a shorter version of New York's famous Empire State building.

The sense of luxury strikes when entering the hotel – you are confronted with marble-clad floors and gold-plated walls.
The rooms could be more vividly decorated, but are fresh and comfortable. Most of the spaces in the hotel feel luxurious and the breakfast is served in a ballroom with pressed white cloths.

A good choice for a weekend in Moscow, but with taxi distance to most attractions such as Red Square etc.


  • Great breakfast

  • The staff is easy going and very helpful


  • Pretty far from the city centre by foot, but a short taxi drive


  • Learn the address of the hotel as there are five Hilton hotels in the city and Taxi drivers who will try to trick you by going to several of them


I would definitely choose Hilton Leningradskaya on my next visit to Moscow 4/5

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