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Hôtel des Lices

About an hour's drive (20min by helicopter) you will find this little paradise in the heart of St Tropez. I’ve had countless trips to this location as both a child and adult.

I discovered Hotel des Lices a few years ago, but the hotel has already become a real favourite and an obvious choice when visiting the French Riviera.

If you have visited the city before, you know what you value and I know what matters to me when it comes to deciding an accommodation. The hotel is right next to Place de Lices, which is in the middle of the city centre, and when the famous local market starts on Wednesdays or Saturdays (year-round) you only have a 1min walk.

The rooms are comfortable but small. The hotel is charming and gives off a cozy feeling that is only found only in a few places in the world. The hotel is one of very few central hotels with a swimming pool and even if the hotel is full during the summer, it never feels overcrowded by the pool.

If you visit St-Tropez for the first time, this should be your first choice.


  • Walking distance to pretty much everything.

  • Free parking

  • Super cozy pool area


  • You can expect high prices all year around for accommodations, but if you decide to visit St-Tropez in the summer, be prepared for high spending.


  • There are three options to choose from when deciding the view, the road, the pool or the parking lot. The parking lot is underrated and the top choice for those who love sunsets, but choose the road view if you don't want sun in the room during the day and afternoon.


A difficult hotel for me to rate. I tried to be objective, but sometimes the whole feeling means more than luxury! This city is like a home to me, and this hotel means a lot, so although it is not a 5-star luxury hotel I can recommend it before many other more luxurious hotels, and for that reason, I give it 4.5/5.

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