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Hotel La Bougainville

Booking accommodation in Positano has its advantages if you travel during low season, the price is lower, and there are more choices than during the more popular summer months.


Booked this accommodation on site, since I didn’t know where I wanted to stay in the city before visiting it. A smart decision this time as the one-way road through the town and the mountains made it difficult to find cheap taxis.


Hotel La Bougainville is located in the city centre, and the beach, shops and most of the restaurants are reachable with a 10-minute walk downhill, no need for taxis.


Bougainville is not a big hotel, and you stay here if you prioritise location above everything else.

I stayed in a rather dull room, without any distinctive amenities, but during cleaning I took a sneak peek in other rooms, and they looked a bit better and had both views and balconies.


An OK accommodation, but the price was too high if you ask me.


  • Location was great

  • Lovely staff


  • The blue colour in the rooms made it very dark, and I would have recommended a lighter tone instead

  • Difficult not to soak the entire bathroom during a shower, the nozzle was pointed in the wrong direction


  • Parking is available across the street for 25 euro per night.

  • Try the sorbet ice cream in the store to the right of the hotel, super tasty.


I felt that this was not a particularly affordable hotel and if it had not been for the location, I would probably never have stayed here. There are many other hotels in the city for the same price but with better rooms and views and in the same price range. Book your stay in advance for the best experience.

I will choose another accommodation if I return to Positano 3/5.

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