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Hotel Marincanto

The first word on my lips when I arrived at the hotel was WOW, what a view! I fell in love instantly, and the friendly check-in, the glass of champagne and the magnificent views from the terrace made up for the fact that our room wasn’t quite ready when we arrived. I could wait like that for hours, but the room was ready ten minutes later.

Unfortunately, we made a classic mistake when we booked a couple of weeks in advance; we thought the photos of our room represented all rooms in the same price category. This assumption is usually wrong and if you want a specific room, ask for it immediately during booking.

Unfortunately, we got the only room we didn't want, with a balcony just above the restaurant and with a view that was under anticipation given what we paid. Luckily, we arrived early, and there was another room available where the guests had not arrived yet. Sad if you ask them, but great for us, the difference was unbelievable, and it felt like a huge upgrade.

​Hotel Marincanto is located high up in the mountains, in the city of Positano and the impressive view was the reason we choose this hotel.
The hotel has an infinity pool, a large sundeck and if you manage to walk down the 300 steps, also sunbeds at the beach.

The junior suite was big and with a little bit of luck or persuasion, you get views in two directions and both a balcony and a terrace.

Would love to revisit Marincanto!


  • The view was unreal

  • Breakfast in the room, free of charge

  • The huge sundeck

  • Parking at the roof of the hotel, but with a fee of 30 euros per night  


  • Hotel Marincanto could have been a 5-star hotel, but a good interior architect is needed. The rooms are very plain, with glazed tile in every room, lack of lights and sparingly furnished. A big mistake in my opinion, which lowers the rating.

  • The service was usually good, but really bad at some situations


  • During booking, send pictures from Instagram or Google on the exact room you are looking for, this to avoid misunderstandings and disappointments

  • Ask the staff before booking if there will be any wedding parties during your stay, this if you want to avoid an overcrowded hotel during your vacation


If I pay top dollar, I expect that the price reflects the room. Did not feel that way at Marincanto; therefore, the rating will be slightly lower.

If the room only plays a small role during your stay, you can choose a standard room instead and still enjoy the full view in other parts of this beautiful hotel, and you don’t need a suite. 4/5.

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