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Hotel Mossbylund

After a 40-minute drive from Malmö or 15min from Ystad, you arrive at Skåne's south coast and Mossbylund Hotel.


At Mossbylund you relax in the spa, eat well-prepared food and stroll on the long and beautiful beach of Mossbystrand.

I visited the hotel during a conference and was placed in a double room that was both large, comfortable, and with a glimpse of the ocean through the window.

I would definitely like to visit Mossbylund.


  • Close to the beach

  • Nice vibes during dinner on a large patio



  • If you are feeling a bit chilly, but still want to sit outside for breakfast, lunch or dinner, there are large fur plaids to borrow.


A nice hotel with great service in a nice environment, I never tested the hotel's spa but will do so on my next visit. 4/5.

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