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Hotel Sevilla

In the Old Havana area you will find this beautiful hotel from the beginning of the nineteenth century. According to legend, the hotel has had guests like Lucky Luciano and Al Capone during the 40's.

Hotel Sevilla has a beautiful exterior and special charm, but unfortunately it has very dark rooms and uncomfortable beds. Sevilla could have been Havana’s pride, especially given the wonderful restaurant located on the roof terrace, but with a lack of love this is only a three-star hotel.


  • Walking distance to the city sights and the centre of Havana

  • Live bands and salsa dance in the hotel's bar during the weekends


  • Dark and dull rooms

  • Uncomfortable beds

  • A pool area that would need a bit freshening up


  • Purchase a pair of very cheap bottles of dark Santiago de Cuba rum in the shop around the corner, a great tasting rum



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