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Hotel Skansen

Hotell Skansen is located by the water in the city centre of Båstad with a short distance to both the tennis court and the famous Swedish club Peppes Bodega.

I visited the accommodation during a conference and was pleasantly surprised by both the tasty food in Restaurant Sand and the nice spa a bit out in the water.
Did not get particularly impressed with the room in the area of the hotel called “the tennis pavilion”, but seem to be much better in other areas, especially in the suites.

I would like to visit the hotel again, next time during the summer, and in a suite.


  • Great breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Nice spa


  • Hotel Skansen should renovate the Tennis pavilion so that it holds the same standard as other rooms on the property 

  • No spa for relaxation, rather a couple of beers in the jacuzzi

  • The service could have been better




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