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Engsholms Slott

When you are looking for a city break near Stockholm, you have to look for quite sometime before Engsholm's Castle appears in your Google search. Throughout my life, I have spent the summers at the country house just 20 minutes away and never heard about this place

After a drive of about an hour and twenty minutes from the capital, you arrive at Mörkö and Engholm's Castle.

Whether you are here for the Christmas food in December or just for a weekend's relaxation in the summer, you will not be disappointed.

In the ghostly castle, you will find large halls, fireplaces, pool table and a familiar feeling with a touch of luxury.

For 14 years, I have arranged a poker tournament for my closest friends and chose Engsholm's Castle for this year's (2018) tournament.
We swam in the ocean and could all fit in the large sauna, we then enjoyed a fantastic Christmas dinner and played poker in the tower room called the library, a fantastic evening.

The rooms are located in a building about 50m from the castle, no luxury perhaps but you sleep comfortably and enjoy the floor heating in the bathroom.

I will be happy to revisit the Castle!


  • The Christmas food is d

  • Excellent service in all contact with the staff

  • Probably the biggest sauna I have ever visited, all 15 of us could sit on the top r

  • Fantastic environment



  • Plan an event in the Library (see pictures above), a cool room with crazy acoustics! A couple of scenes from the latest Hamilton movie were recorded in this room


A lovely castle I didn't want to leave.
My guests and I were delighted with the evening, the service and the fantastic surroundings. I look forward to a visit in the summer!
The rooms were ok, had they been a bit more luxurious, the accommodation would have got a five-star rating from me.
4/5, a castle that is really worth a visit.

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