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Kuredu Island Resort & SPA

The Swedish-run island of Kuredu is located in the northern parts of the Maldives, a 2h boat ride or 40min sea plane ride from the airport and capital Male.

After visiting three islands in the Maldives, this is amongst my favorites. What makes me favour Kuredu is the beaches and the price. You may not live as luxuriously as on Niyama Private Islands, but the beaches are amazing and if you snorkel you can see both sea turtles and manta rays. The price at Kuredu is low compared to other islands of the same standard.


  • The beaches are incredible

  • Great diving center

  • Beautiful and spacious villas


  • Not the best bartenders and great cocktails were something I didn't find here


  • At the Sunset bar you catch the best sunsets, and if you go further out on the beach, you can get those perfect Instagram pictures.

  • Highly recommend choosing an O'beach Villa as you will end up in the area where children are not allowed. A private beach, a private house and children free restaurants.



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