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Leopard Beach Resort & SPA

Leopard Beach is about 40 kilometres from Mombasa International Airport (Moi), but as the trip to the hotel includes a ferry ride, you can count on a four-hour journey through the Kenyan traffic.

However, the long journey to the hotel is worth the trouble, as you find yourself at Diani Beach's white and palm-lined beaches.

The hotel has good breakfast and fruit, maybe not the best dinner, but as long as you are not too picky when it comes to food you will be happy with your stay.


  • Wild monkeys live in the hotel area, so beware of leaving food on the balcony, but have to admit I did it to get close to the jungle creatures.

  • The staff put down their heart and soul to make your holiday experience the best.


  • The best Mango I've eaten throughout my life is growing in the field close to the hotel.


  • The electricity disappeared from time to time during hot days, but backup generators kicked in pretty fast.


  • Let some of the locals guide you through the coral reefs at low tide, perfect for those who want to see life underwater, but do not want to snorkel

  • Expect to be surrounded by many beach salesmen during the 20 meters you have to walk from the sun lounge on the beach down to the water. Some see this as a minus, and some think it's wonderful, personally I love negotiating for souvenirs on my way down to the water, and as long as you can stand for the group pressure you'll be all right

  • The staff will advise you not to leave the hotel area, but I took a chance and wandered away on the beach to meet the locals. Unforgettable and wonderful memories of the 1 km long promenade I made along the water.



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