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Marina Bay Sands

A super-large hotel with around 2500 rooms and suites.

I stayed in a 60 sqm room called "club room" which felt spacious, had comfortable beds and really good room service.

Personally, the decor was not my style and I think that is should be reviewed, because that was the only reason I did not get that feeling of luxury as you would expect from a 5-star hotel.


  • The world's highest Infinity pool

  • Only hotel guests have access to the pool area.

  • Excellent room service

  • Free Mini-SPA in the dressing room to the gym


  • Lots of people at the pool area during all hours of the day

  • The check-in and check-out process could be better


  • In addition to the shopping mall, the hotel also has a casino, and even if you don't play it is worth a visit


The downside with big hotels is that it is easy to feel crowded in some situations and unfortunately this lower the overall feeling and rating of the accommodation. I don't give Marina Bay Sands a jackpot rating but still 4/5.

I expected more due to the high price.

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