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Masai Mara Lodge

This small tent camp is located in the heart of the 1500 km2 Masai Mara National Park and consists of ten tents with two main buildings. The camp is largely managed by one of the local Masai tribes.

Unlike other hotels in Masai Mara, you sleep inside the national park and not outside which gives the experience that little extra.

You sleep comfortably in a king-size bed with mosquito nets, and a toilet/shower in a connecting tent.

Breakfast and dinner are served in the main building while lunch is served out in the wild.


  • You do not have to be afraid of predators at night; there is a Masai guard outside the tent during the night for protection

  • Close to a real tent safari, but with the great feeling of a flushing toilet

  • A local guide drives you around in a four-wheel drive Range Rover during the day, and together you look for animals in their natural habitat, which is much more exciting than it sounds.


  • The guy that had to stand outside the tent for my protection


  • The generator is switched off between 9-10 PM, which means total darkness, be sure to charge the phone before or bring a flashlight.

  • Do not forget to turn off the lamp outside the tent when you go to have dinner; otherwise, the part of the tent covered with light will be covered by big and cozy insects instead


Safari is an experience and can be made in many different ways. I booked through African Memorable Safaris who did everything to make the most of my trip. They picked me up outside my Hotel in Mombasa by taxi, and from a small airport, a propeller plane took me to Masai Mara.

Safari is something on many peoples bucket list, and on this trip, you will not be disappointed, you'll also get a little more authentic experience than if you're splashing in a pool outside the national park when you're not out on safari. 4/5


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