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Montego Bay Club

This accommodation is located in the northern parts of Jamaica, in the city of Montego Bay. In this apartment, you live poorly, and this may not be seen as an obvious choice of a stay, but with a secret weapon. The view! You have a simple bed, a simple kitchen and a simple bathroom, but the view is among the best I've ever experienced.

You are placed high up in the building with views of Doctor's Cave Beach which are among the best throughout Jamaica. The sunset from this apartment will definitely blow your mind away.


  • Close to everything

  • View level 10


  • You'll have to pay a fee for entering the beach Doctor's Cave beach (but definitely worth it)


  • Spend the afternoon on the balcony and have the camera ready to catch the mother of all sunsets.  

  • If you are in town to do some clubbing, "Pier One" is the place to go. Don't let the metal detector at the door scare you - don't forget, you are in Jamaica! ;)


Basic accommodation, but a great view and fairly affordable.  For the view alone a rating of 3.5/5 is justified.

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