Niyama maldives room
Niyama maldives room

Niyama maldives beach
Niyama maldives beach

Niyama maldives
Niyama maldives

Niyama maldives room
Niyama maldives room


Niyama Private Islands

Honeymoon vibes on this paradise island which is located a 40-minute sea plane trip from the capital of Male. Here you come to chill out, eat and enjoy life.

We started our stay on land and spent a couple of days in a beach villa on the west of the island where the majority of the beach villas are located. The outside bathroom was the most beautiful bathroom I have seen - a huge plus was the big bathtub which fit two persons next to each other.

We rounded off the trip with a couple of nights in a deluxe water villa, with amazing views and with a sunrise straight into the bedroom this room was something out of the ordinary. Each room is equipped with a private pool and sun deck.


  • All couples / families receive their own contact person, so-called "Thakuru", who takes care of all dinner reservations and other experiences during your stay. This person also pick you up in a golf car and shows you the island on arrival

  • Bikes are parked at the villa and belong to the house throughout the stay. The island is relatively large so it was extremely liberating to take a trip home in the moonlight after a great dinner. If you don't want to ride a bike, the golf car will pick you up everywhere :)

  • Ping-Pong / Billiards are available free of charge

  • Fantastic bathrobes and raincoats in the rooms if you stay in the Water or Water Deluxe Villa

  • With its 8 restaurants, you get a new dining experience every day, one of them is located 6 meters below the sea level and is called Sub Six.


  • Almost everything you want to do on the island is an extra cost. $200 for example if you want to go jet skiing or dive

  • Drones is not allowed on the island, lucky for me I saw this first when I was leaving

  • Constant low tide at the Water Villas means that you can't dive down directly from the sun deck


  • Divide your stay on land and at sea

  • You don't have to eat food in the Subsix underwater restaurant, it's OK to book and only have drinks

  • At the Dune Restaurant you can order water pipes

  • When booking via the website, no transport to the island is included. This is quite a big cost, so be sure to include it in your budget. The flights leave between 07:00 and 16:00

  • If you choose the Water / Water Deluxe Villa you get sunrise in the villas 60-76 and sunset in the villas 78-94


This is a 5-star resort that definitely deserves a 5-star rating 5/5.