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Novi Resort

Gotland is a place that, for me, holds a lot of great memories and one of the worlds best spots during the summer.

About 2 km for Visby harbour you’ll find Novi Resort, formerly called Tott Hotel. This resort offers accommodation in various sizes — everything from regular standard rooms to bungalows with large balconies or terraces.
For many years, this hotel has been a focal point, not only for me but for many Stockholmers, for the intense festivities of the notorious “Stockholms Week" during week 29. The same week, every year, Visby transforms from its calm and collecting landscape into a harbour filled with expensive yachts and cars.

I’ve stayed in most of the different room types in this hotel. Everything from standard rooms without balconies to large duplex bungalows with terraces. At one point, we were up to 8-10 people that rented two bungalows next to each other. This is highly recommended because of that fact that you can combine the terraces instead of renting two separate houses.
For me, this hotel has two sides. You either come here for the notorious week 29 festivities, or you’ll come here to relax and enjoy Gotlands peace and quiet.

The pool, the fantastic classic Swedish breakfast, the unforgettable sunsets plus the notorious festivities makes Novi Resort a place where you can create memories for life together with your friends and families.


  • Great breakfast

  • Amazing views

  • Sunsets from the higher levels of the hotel or the duplex bungalows

  • Close to the city

  • Great amount of space in refrigerator for some Magnum bottles


  • Bad and expensive food

  • The most uncomfortable sofa beds in the universe

  • Have stayed here for many years and it feels like the interior is getting tired, a renovation is much needed


  • Loan a champagne bucket and fill it with ice, bring beverages and enjoy a fantastic magical sunset out on the terrace.

  • If you want to see what the fuzz is all about, do not miss visiting Kallisbadet a.k.a “Kallis” in week 29, every day between 15-19 o clock. According to rumours, Kallis has the best day parties in Northern Europe


This is a place that for me, has been the most challenging hotel to rate. Although I have had a lot of fun here and made unforgettable memories, Novi Resort has become a bit worn out over the years, but despite having uncomfortable sofa beds and worn out pieces of furniture the overall impression is that this hotel still is one of the best options in Gotland. To receive a full five stars, it needs to get freshened up.  3,5/5

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