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Paradise Cove

Whether you take the boat, a seaplane or the helicopter, the welcome you get when arriving at Paradise Cove is fantastic. The staff are warm and friendly, leaving a feeling of positivity and an all-round great vibe from the moment you set foot on the island. The staff sing local songs combined with ukulele and the mandolin, followed by much laughter as they get back to their work.

Here you will find peace and will notice quite quickly that stress does not exist here, only the "Fiji Time" rule applies.

I spent the week in a garden villa, an area where children are not allowed. A large room, with comfortable beds and an outdoor bathroom. Beautiful weather, good food in the evenings and diving on the days. Life does not get any better than this.


  • The food is great

  • One of the best dive waters I have ever tried

  • PADI instructors at the hotel

  • ”Adult section” with lounge, bar and two pools

  • Netflix on the room

  • Great snorkeling with plenty of different fish species on the shore of the Hotel


  • The boat, which is the most affordable way to get to the island, only departs once a day in both directions and is very early in the morning. If your plane does not land extremely early in the morning, you will need to spend a night in Nadi if you want to take the boat. Otherwise, there is a seaplane or helicopter that depart through the day, but the price will, of course, be higher.

  • A limited amount of data/per day for wifi, but you can negotiate for more data


  • Despite the extra cost, I recommend you to chose the helicopter for the ride to the island, a very nice experience

  • If you have decided to take a dive certificate sometime in your life, do it here, definitely one of the best dive water I've experienced

  • Drones is strictly forbidden in certain parts of the island, but okey on others. Ask the staff to be safe

  • Half board is totally fine if you have a strict budget, a big breakfast and the five course dinner every night will be enough

  • Embrace "Fiji time" and relax


A very nice hotel where you can take relaxation to a whole new level. I will definitely be back if I visit Fiji again, 5/5.

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