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Södertuna Slott

After a short hour's drive from Stockholm, you arrive at Gnesta and Södertuna Castle, an accommodation that has attracted wedding guests, conference participants and couples for decades.


Unfortunately the food is ordinary, and so is the rooms and beds,  took a swim in the indoor pool at the spa area and enjoyed it, but that is pretty much it.

The environment and surroundings are beautiful, but the service and and the rooms needs to improve, for me to go back.


  • Pets are allowed in some rooms

  • Nice spa with sauna, indoor pool, outdoor jacuzzi and pool table.


  • The room lacked both character and charm


  • If you are planning to host a celebration of some kind at Södertuna Castle, you can use the old horse stable that has been transformed to a party venue. Up to 120 party guests can dance on tables, sing karaoke and enjoy a large barbecue buffet in a cowboy environment.


The dreary rooms lower the rating and I'd probably chose other accommodations for a quiet and nice weekend with the girlfriend, but works fine for the conference. 3.5/5.

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