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The Portobello Hotel

How can you judge a city before you've even been there? London was not high on the list for me, considering the city is both close and easy to get to from Sweden it was considered "low hanging fruit". I also thought it to be quite rainy and overrated.
I WAS SO WRONG, I'm happy to admit. London is amazing and I'm glad to say it's so close to me.

Portobello Hotel is located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Notting Hill, and it feels more like you are a resident than a tourist. During this visit, I spent a lot of time in the room ‘recharging my batteries’, and this was the perfect place to do so.

If you stay here, you must choose room number 16 "Where Johnny Met Kate". This is the mysterious room where according to legend, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss filled a whole tub with champagne during a night in the mid 90's.

Take a long bath in the tub, put on a robe, place yourself in the round bed and order up some room service!


  • The Victorian bath in the middle of the room

  • The round bed

  • The view of the quiet backyard in the morning



  • Order up some bottles of bubbles and recreate the legend of Johnny and Kate


Never had such a relaxed holiday as the one I had at The Portobello Hotel the question is not if I return but when I do, 5/5.

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