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The Winger Eats

A good friend of mine once said: "I wish there were a pill you could take instead of eating. You know when you get home tired after work and gym and just wanna get it done".

A neat idea, sure! I would have tested it just to try, but the food junkie in me knows that it wouldn’t last in the long run.

A common feature in my Instagram stories and posts is about food, can’t say that I am especially fond of cooking it, but luckily there are enough people that is :)

An idea that I had was to review all the restaurants that I have visited, but I quickly realised - What's the point! Who cares about a lousy kebab I had in Egypt ten years ago or that kangaroo stake I tested in the land down under.

Instead, I am going to focus on all the hidden gems I have tried! The restaurant industry, however, is changing very quickly and shifting focus like nothing else, which means that it would be hopeless to try to keep up with restaurants and bars in any other place than in my home town.

Therefore, this part will mainly be about the Stockholm food scene. Who knows?  Maybe I can help my readers to navigate through what must be an ocean of restaurants, or at least remind them of what they should eat and drink when their imagination fails.

Enjoy :)

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