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Vacasa Beach House

Together with three friends, I spent seven days in this little beach house located maybe 20 from the ocean in the middle of the most popular area of Mission Beach.

A two-bedroom house with living room, kitchen, bathroom, parking garage and a small terrace it was perfect for us and a great choice traveling on a limited budget.


  • Garage

  • A small roof terrace that is perfect for 4-5 persons

  • Great location


  • Don't go to San Diego in May if you do not love the rain; it's locally known as "Gray May."

  • The tiny shower

  • Hardly any insulation and the rain forced us to use the portable element at night


  • The advantage of going to San Diego early in May is the Mexican festival "Cinco de Mayo", that is celebrated in the city on the 5th of May. Pile up with Coronas and large bottles of Tequila.


I love to visit the US, and especially San Diego and weather should not affect the score, but when there is no insulation during cold evenings, then it matters. Apart from the terrace, the accommodation itself was not particularly special, and if it hadn't been for the company, the rating would probably have been below average. Given the situation and the cozy terrace, I still stand behind the grade 3/5, because the accommodation was very affordable. But I will choose something else next time.

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