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Dover Beach

Dover Beach is ranked between two and three stars, due to a run-down feel with rooms lacking both charm and a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

It would be a big mistake to let yourself be intimidated by this, sure I've seen better rooms, but when you lie down on the little beach next to the hotel your perception about Dover Beach will change dramatically. Trust me!

The hotel is located in a good neighbourhood, close to the beach and the city centre, and has comfortable beds and functional AC. You will not find luxury here, but the price is right and despite the few stars, I recommend this hotel for a couple of days of relaxation in Barbados. 


  • A beach beyond the usual

  • The sun deck is a beautiful place and filters are hardly needed here when you prep the next Instagram post


  • Worn bathroom, do not recommend a bath in the bathtub.

  • Safety box did not seem reliable


  • Try the local food in one of the food trucks  around the corner

  • If alcohol is something for you, I would recommend room punch

  • Visit Surfers Cafe nearby for a breakfast or afternoon drink. This is nothing I have tried myself unfortunately but a couple of friends high-grade ratings have almost made me go back


Not the most beautiful hotel you can sleep in, but the overall experience did everything, thanks to the super awesome beach and the low price, I give it a 3/5 rating, with a note that I could stay here again on my next visit to Barbados.

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