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The Wingers Guide

A close friend of mine contacted me one evening at the beginning of 2016 and needed help. At least that is how I interpreted it: she knows me so well that she involved me in the project for the simple reason that she knew I was interested. However, as with all assignments my friends give me, I take them very seriously.

The task was simple, she was going to arrange a whiskey brand event and needed help creating great names for different cocktails that were to be served during the evening. This is a girl with an eye for detail and I knew I had to put some extra thinking into this to stand out among all the other proposals that would come in. I presented three suggestions, and, to my great happiness, she chose one of the names, my favourite one.

The drink contained whiskey, apple juice, lemon and ginger beer. I probably spent more time than she expected on this assignment, but eventually, it came down to combining some letters of whiskey and ginger and the drink "The Winger" was born. I was honestly SUPER PROWD!

The drink is the main ingredient of this name because I like how it appeared, but the name symbolizes so much more for me.


In addition to a very nice colleague of mine named Wing, I associate the word with wings to an airplane, with travels, with acting as a ‘wingman’, and with wind turbines, which is what I have been working with for the last few years.


Wikipedia’s description of a guide is as follows: A guide is a person who leads travellers or tourists through unknown or unfamiliar locations. The term can also be applied to a person who leads others to more abstract goals such as knowledge or wisdom. For example, you can point out and inform about attractions, or lead them along a safe road.

This is exactly what I want to do with this page - I want to share my experiences with others who haven't been travelled extensively. Maybe there's something to learn, or perhaps it's enough with a tip of a great restaurant or a bar at your favourite destination.

The Winger

Those who know me, or to be more exact, those who have travelled with me, know that they will be forced to take a lot of pictures of me posing with stretched arms, looking like I'm hugging the world. I've been in 100's of them - it has become a tradition on each trip, and now I know why.

I've probably taken them because I'm ‘The Winger’, the arms symbolize my wings flying over the world and discovering new worlds.

I'm The Winger, and this page is my guide for you!

the wingers guide
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