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Erakor Island

This little gem is impossible to miss when scrolling through the few hotel options offered in the little group of islands called Vanuatu.

At first glance, it looks like any island in the Maldives, but when you looking at the price you will understand that you are in a completely different place.

Here you are housed in a spa villa by the water, with an outdoor shower and a Jacuzzi on the veranda, this is as close to paradise you will come on a budget.


  • Like many tropical islands, the mosquitos appear during nights, a big plus with mosquito nets around the bed

  • Transfer to and from the airport by car (20min) and boat (5min) are included.

  • The island is famous for its beautiful starfishes, pick one up carefully, take a picture and put it back again :)

  • The price

  • Drones are allowed


  • The food was not good enough, tried most dishes without being satisfied.

  • If you keep wifi strong at heart on vacation, this is not a place for you, worked ok at some selected areas and sometimes in the room.


  • Don't forget mosquito repellants

  • Don't forget your camera, the sunsets are amazing


The hotel has a lot of potentials, and it would need some love, new staff and a new concept to be a better resort.

With the feeling of calmness and nice treatment, I give the rating 3.5/5.

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