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Havsvidden Hotel

In the middle of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland, you will find the small island of Åland.

If you go by boat from Sweden, it anchors in a town called Mariehamn and a 40km drive later you arrive at the northern part of Åland and Havsvidden Hotel.

Did not know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by this accommodation. You can choose to either stay in the hotel's standard room or large and spacious cliff houses with a private terrace.Quite a big difference between the different rooms offered, I prefer the cliff houses since the standard rooms are exactly what they claim to be, standard.

Havsvidden is perfect for the conference or a quiet spa weekend. I will probably stay here again especially considering the great tasting food and when the sunset arrives, and you find yourself in the hotel's outdoor jacuzzi down the water, you don’t want to be anywhere else.


  • Great outdoor spa

  • High quality food

  • Wonderful environment



  • Choose a cliff house instead of a standard room, definitely worth it


Not directly an easily accessible accommodation, but definitely worth the trip and I would happily revisit Havsvidden 3.5/5

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