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Hollywood Hills Villa

Like a Hollywood superstar, you live in what should be described as a "mansion" in the famous Hollywood Hills. With amenities like a heated pool, jacuzzi and a huge fireplace looking out over downtown LA's magnificent skyscrapers in the distance, you can hardly complain.

Think YOLO when you pay the bill for this place, this is not a cheap accommodation but believe me ... it is worth every dollar bill.


  • Gas grill at the patio

  • Round fireplace with gas, overlooking downtown L.A, unforgettable memories are promised.

  • Pool + Jacuzzi with heating

  • Several terraces with sunbeds placed from north to south,  this makes it easy to be in the sun during the entire day.


  • The accommodation is so excellent that you barely want to see the rest of L.A

  • Wifi restrictions, the first five people in the house, are therefore rewarded with this wireless phenomenon


  • I rented through Luxpads which is a reliable company, and you can trust the payment, you'll also get back the deposit, but expect it to take a couple of days. I paid the whole sum directly by credit card when I booked my stay.

  • If you warm up the pool in the evening, do not forget to turn it off when you go to bed. This to avoid a hot pool the day after

  • Don't run over the fireplace.


In this Hollywood Hills mansion, you will get a taste of the good life, and you will have to pinch your arm every day to make sure you are not dreaming. I hope that I will revisit this villa and if I do I will stay for at least a month, this is one of my favourite accommodations in the world, and I give it 5/5.

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