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Surf Stars Penthouse

On the first trip to the wonderful city of San Diego, I ended up at this accommodation when seven friends and I celebrated our birthdays in California and Nevada.

The apartment is located a short walk from the ocean, at the best location on Mission Beach. I did not think I would love the area as much as I did, but I have visited the city of San Diego and Mission Beach on three other occasions after this trip.

The accommodation itself was clean with standard size beds. What made it the perfect start to our trip was the huge terrace that stretched across the roof. Sunbathe, barbecue and take in the sea views, this together with lots of friends and a couple of cold Coronas made it the perfect spot for a holiday with friends.


  • Hugh terrace

  • Short walk to the beach

  • Parking is included


  • Mission Beach generally does not allow parties outside after 10 pm, so If you defy this, you risk being evicted from the accommodation. But this is common sense and this did not affect our stay, we simply moved the party.

  • Would have been nice with two parking lots


  • Close to the apartment you will find Ralph's, a grocery store with everything you need from food, water, alcohol and other necessities. When it's time to pay, ask the cashier if you can use her Ralph's card, she will receive the bonus for your purchase while you will receive discounts and coupons, we are talking huge discounts. We managed to trim down the $180 bill by $75 :D. This awesome place is also available in several other cities in the country!


Fantastic accommodation - the only reason I have stayed elsewhere in San Diego is that this was already booked. An obvious choice if you are visiting San Diego, especially if you are four or more people 4/5.

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